The Foundation of Hungarian Public Administration and Organizational Development Research Institute (HUNADI) Institute was founded in 2005. To identify the problems found in the operating methods of the administrative organization and give adequate proposals for the solution can be defined as the Foundation’s main aims.

Our Foundation strives to analyze the situation and develop the efficiency of human resources employed by public administration. We are also committed to supporting cross-border Hungarian public administration. We take part in the creation and publication of development strategies, analyses and studies which assist the development of human resources.

The Research Institute provides support for organizing national and international meetings, conferences and intends to facilitate the participation of experts in international conferences. Besides it promotes international scientific results and outcomes emerging in the professional public life.

In 2012, our Foundation has gained new impetus. Contributing to the implementation of the Magyary Program 12.0, its promotion in national and international level and the furtherance of its success has become our priority task.